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Annual General Meeting 2017

Agenda for the 82nd Annual General Meeting of Suffolk Badminton Association

to be held on Tuesday May 23rd 2017 at Suffolk One, Ipswich @ 7.15pm


1. Welcome

2. Apologies for absence

3. Minutes of previous meeting held on May 9th 2016

4. Matters arising

5. Presentation of Olga Greengrass Trophy

6. Chairman’s Remarks

7. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts

8. Committee Reports:-

a) Coaching & Development

b) Competitive Play

c) ICC

d) Juniors

e) Masters

f) Promotion & Website

9. League Reports

Bury St Edmunds



10. Badminton England Matters

11. Election of Officers, Vice Presidents and Council

a) President – A.Bristow proposed by the Council

b) Chairman

c) Secretary

d) Treasurer

e) Vice Presidents – S.Cox, A.Girling, P.Feek, D.Garnham, S.Smith, A.Bristow, C.Bowden, M.Hurlock, P.Brinkley, N.Sturgeon and I.Young

f) Council – S.Smith, D.Driver, D.Hooper, P.Webb, S Cox, T.Davies, L.Sheppard and S.McKinley

12. Affiliation Fees for 2017/18 – Council proposes  Seniors   £3   Juniors   £1.50  

13. County Teams for 2017/18 Council proposes no change. 1st and 2nd teams.

14. County Tournaments – Council proposes no change.

15. Proposed amendments to Suffolk BA Constitution

16. County Strategic Partnership Development Plan: report on progress

17. Any other business

18.  Close meeting

Additional Reports

1 Performance Centre Report

PDF Downloads

Printable Agenda ►

Minutes of AGM 2016 ►

Accounts ►

Financial Commitments ►

Coaching and Development Report ►

Competitive Play Report ►

Senior County Championships Report ►

Junior Committee Report ►

Under-14 Squad Report ►

Under-16 & Under 18 Squads Report ►

Masters Report ►

Bury  & District Badminton League Report ►

Newmarket Badminton Federation Report ►

Proposed Constitution ►

Ipswich Badminton Performance Centre Report ►